A Massage Tip From Puerto Vallarta Escorts: Slow Down!

Posted by on May 27, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Escorts Massage Tip

As a masseuse in the Puerto Vallarta escorts erotic massage industry, I see quite a few clients every week who are looking to relax and enjoy themselves. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a big tourist hot spot and I make my rounds with lot of customers. But I also run into a lot of fellow masseuses who ask me about what I do. “What’s it like to give an erotic massage?” the inquire. I end up talking with a lot of people about this stuff, and by far, it seems the number one question on people’s minds is essentially “what is the most important thing to do when you want to give a dirty massage?”

Well I’ll tell you right now: it’s really no secret. The key to giving a great erotic massage is really the same technique for giving a good any-type of massage: slow down.

When you’re in training to become a masseuse, no matter where you are in the world or what school, be it for Thai massage, Swedish massage, or even erotic massage at the Puerto Vallarta escorts erotic massage school, your instructors repeatedly emphasize the importance of working through the massage slowly and being very deliberate about each massage technique. When you’re new to massage, this is something you have to keep at the front of your mind because for some reason, everybody’s natural tendency is to accelerate over time. And anyone who gets massaged on a regular basis knows that the best massages are the ones where the masseuse gives them to you in a slow, deliberate way, instead of in a quick, hurried manner.

And this is at least doubly true of the erotic massages I give with my Puerto Vallarta escorts massage service. Erotic massages are much more psychological than they are physical. Make no mistake: there’s clearly a “physical” component of the massage that needs to be there! But a sensual erotic massage is much more about the anticipation of the end of the massage than that actual ending itself.

As someone who pays attention with her Vallarta escorts massage service, I clearly notice that the more I slow down with my massages, the more my customers enjoy it. The slower I go, the faster their mind seems to start making pictures and imagery of how this is all going to end. And it certainly seems that they like this!

So work your massages more slowly. Don’t worry too much about acquiring exotic “moves” or anything like that in the beginning: just get good at giving a much slower, more suggestive style of massage. Start by focusing on that.

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